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Cringe Compilation: Indian Edition

Hello to you boy and female it is Gopal once again. Today I have it for you a special video. It is a cringe compilation that have it many funny cringe videos featuring my people of India. It is quite the comedic and hilarious, watch it and make laughter.

5 Ways to get a big ding dong

Everyone around the world wants to have a big ding dong, it is much desired in every man and woman in the world. Having big ding dong can let you do many cool things like brag about your big ding dong and show your big ding dong to people. 10 years ago I found a big ding dong and have kept it with me ever since, it is my favorite ding dong.


  1. Find one

    One time I was walking in my hometown in Bangalore and a big ding dong was just lying there on the ground. Like any wise male, I picked the big ding dong from the ground and put it in my pocket. I must say, it was the biggest ding dong I have ever seen. It was at least 50% bigger than any ding dong I had bear witness to, quite a wonderment.

  2. Grow one

    Sometimes you will not be lucky enough to find a good ding dong lying around, so you must take it upon yourself to grow a really good one. It is pretty simple to grow a ding dong, you must make sure it is planted in fertile soil and has plenty of water/sunlight. I recommend you get seeds from a Ding Dong Gardening Plant.

  3. Stretch yours

    What you must do is get an industrial grade clamp and attach one end of your ding dong to it, then you must grab the other end of your ding dong and pull it with much force. Do not do the stretching too much or you will break your ding dong and you must get another one. Repeat this every day for one month and you will see your ding dong increase considerably in size.

  4. Inject your ding dong with growth substances

    Like farmers give chicken steroid so that they may grow bigger for sale and consumption, you can do the same with your ding dong. What kind of things must be in the injection? My mother always tell me that if I don’t finish my tikka masala and I do not eat the fruits and drink the milk I will not do the growth. What you must do is make a smoothie blend with these foods that stimulation growth and do the injection in your ding dong.

  5. Buy one from the internet

    There are plenty of people that sell ding dongs on the internet that are of optimal size, you can find some that u may like it on eBay or the Amazon rain forest. Most good ding dongs go for $100+ not including taxes and the shipping. Make sure to read the reviews for your ding dong because some times people will sell you the fake ding dong or one that will break easily or one that has been used.

New Instagram

Hello to you all its Gopal once again and I have establish it my very own Instagram account. Instagram is wonderful app where you may show everyone your picture online because everyone wants to see it the pictures. For many years I refuse it to create an Instagram account because I do not like it. There are many pictures and videos that is not good. Many women with the big booby or posterior doing the show and the sort doing the baiting of the click. It is for that reason I make an oath to the holy Vishnu that I must not resort to these tricks to increase viewership.

At the current moment I only have it 2 picture available. One is the thumbnail for the GOPAL FANFICTION READING VIDEO, and the other is a cucumber that will become more relevant as time goes on, I promise to you.  Remember to please visit my Instagram account and follow me, I will do the follow back.

VIDEO: Indian man debunks wage gap

Hello to you it boy and girls it is Gopal once again and today I do the debunking of the wage gap? It is freal or just fiction? Is it dystopian biopic fantasy or romantic thriller?

VIDEO: Funny Indian man reads Dirty Fan-Fiction

Hello to you all it’s Gopal once again and I made this video of me reading dirty fan-fiction. It is pretty comedic and funny, please watch and have it a laugh.



5 ways to a woman’s heart

Hello to you it is Gopal again. There are a lot of womans in the world, in fact every 1 out of 2 persons is a women. Beause that is the case you have it the oppurtuinity to have the love making with 50% of the population, so it is very important that one must learn how to seduction the woman so that u may wed her and she will make healthy baby.


VIDEO: Make money online fast with

Hello to you it boy and girl. I make it a video on how to get the money online in a very nice and fast way. It is the extremely simple that even I could do it. All you have to do is do the captioning of videos, very simple. In fact, I make it $13 doing it and it is very gord. I use it that money to buy this website too! Check it:

10 Funny Indian Pictures/Memes

Hello this is Gopal. As u may know it, I am from bangalore, india. The cultural differentiality is much different from west and india, so much diffrentiation that america think india culture is funny… and indian think american culture is the funny! So here I show it some pictograph that my american frends tell me is the comedic. Enjoy!

(Show the photo comedics…)

VIDEO: How to watch the Olympics free online

Hello everyone this is my first video, it will teach you an easy way to watch HD high quality coverage of the olympics.

Welcome to my website

Hello to u this is Gopal Sivethna and welcome to the brand new Gopal website. I will use this website to make cool blog posts about the things I am very interest in and you may find additional resources in this places.

Remember, only kings worry about the crown. We are rajput, and rajputs carry their politic with themself.